Sneak Peek #2 of My New Book!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hello! Thank you all so much for reading my first sneak peek! Over 300 people read it! Now, here's another sneak peek!

Note: I forgot to mention that this book takes place ONE YEAR after the last book I published. So we time hopped! I'll be posting the intro, along with my writing process for it at the end of the week :)

Again, I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors, as this is not the final edit.

A clear view of the sparkling city skyline was visible from where I was standing in the airport terminal, my fingers grazing the towering windows and the warmth of my breath frosting the glass. Planes were sitting on the slick tarmac, while the ground crew in their neon safety vests marshaled the departing planes in the right direction by waving their brightly lit batons in the air. I pressed my forehead against the glass, staring down at everyone hard at work on the tarmac, and second guessing my decision to hop on this plane and fly all the way to New York, when I could be spending the rest of the weekend with my boyfriend. Going on this trip seemed like an ideal weekend getaway, but I just didn’t feel right leaving. I’m not sure if it’s because I was going to miss Kyle way too much, even though it was only for a day, or because it’s snowing in New York and I really don’t want to deal with that type of climate change. Or it could be because I was extremely uncomfortable going to my ex-boyfriend’s penthouse and being around his identical twin brother. No—it was definitely the weather change that was ringing doubt in my mind. 
I tugged at the straps of my leather backpack and turned on the heels of my boots once I saw Kyle’s reflection in the window. He was carrying two iced coffees and wearing a smile, two things that I needed the most in my life right now.
“A cold brew with a ton of vanilla cream for you.” He handed me the drink, ice cubes clunking against one another. “And something basic for me.”
“Thank you.” I tug on the hem of his shirt with my free hand and looked up into his eyes. “What are you going to do an entire day without me around?”
“Sob uncontrollably.” He grinned. “No, but seriously—I’m going dirt biking with a few buddies tomorrow, but that’s about it.” He shrugged as if this wasn’t his first time mentioning this to me. “It’ll help keep my mind off of missing you.”
I immediately let loose of his shirt and took a step back. “And when did these plans get made?”
“Like, last week.” He took a sip of his coffee. “Or something like that.”
“Uh-huh.” I tilted my head. “This is just some random boys’ trip?”
“Yeah, I’ll be with Brett, Marcus, and a few of the guys from the team.” He explained. “I’m not sure if any of them are bringing their girlfriends.”
“Maybe you should find out.” I muttered, viciously stirring my drink with the straw.
“You’re spending the night at your ex’s mini-mansion.” He cackled. “You really can’t get mad at me for dirt biking with my friends, whose girlfriends may or may not be there.”
I finally took a sip of my coffee but the taste instantly made me queasy. “I’m not mad.”
“Yes, you are.” Kyle playfully nudged my arm. “I won’t go if that makes you feel any better.”
“No, go.” I buried my head into his chest and my words became muffled. “I’m just being an annoying, clingy, jealous girlfriend—it tends to happen at least once a week.”
“Stop.” He laughed and pulled me in closer. “I kind of like it when you’re like this; it’s sexy.”
“Gag me.”
Kyle and I both turned our heads at the putrid gagging noise, only to see Dani standing feet away from us, her snow-blonde hair pulled up into a tiny bun, and neck pillow, resting on her shoulders.
“You’re here.” I smiled. “Finally.”
“Apparently my Uber driver doesn’t know how to cut people off and get through traffic.” She rolled her eyes. “I just left him the worst review.”
“I think this is where I leave you.” Kyle cleared his throat before taking another sip of coffee. “Call me when you land.”
“Okay.” I stand on the tips of my toes and plant a tiny kiss on his lips, although I wanted to full on make out with him, but I didn’t want to disgust Dani any further.
“I love you.” He said, pulling me in for a hug, nearly suffocating me.
“I love you too.” I land one more kiss on him and pull away, my cheeks burning and flushed. “See you later.”
“Bye, Dani.” He flashes a smirk before heading off through the nearly empty terminal.
“You two are so gross.” Dani laughed and linked arms with me, as we headed the opposite direction of Kyle. “Cute, but fucking repulsive.”
I would have to fully agree with Dani on this one. Kyle and I were pretty revolting, to say the least. I’m pretty sure I would have thrown up a little in my mouth if I were an outsider witnessing all of the cheesy stuff Kyle and I say to one another, but for once, I’m on the inside and I love every single gross, revolting, ridiculously cheesy minute of it.

In an ideal world, I would have fallen asleep on the flight to New York, but my life is quite far from ideal, and it came as no surprise to find myself wide awake during the entire five hours. Although, I do admit, it was a bit difficult to sleep when I had Dani drooling on my shoulder and clutching onto my arm for dear life.
I had nothing but time on my hands, and most of that was spent obsessing over the next twenty-four hours ahead. While I was traveling across the country to play around in some penthouse, my boyfriend was going to the desert for a boys’ trip filled with nothing but beer, dirt bikes, and bad decisions. Look, I trust Kyle, I really do. The guy has done nothing throughout our entire relationship to even warrant any sort of doubt of trust in him. But just because I have full trust in Kyle, doesn’t mean I feel the same way about his sleazy friends and teammates. I can already picture Brett, his best friend and my ex-hook up, convincing him to drink more than he knew lightweight Kyle could handle, and his other good friend, Marcus, bringing some girls he met on Tinder up there to tag along with them. And only God knows what tricks Kyle’s teammates have up their sleeves. I want to believe that this is just going to be a bunch of guys hanging out and not worrying about talking to and inviting the hot dirt biking girls over to their camp, but I’m only human and I could give you about twenty different scenarios of what I think was going to happen tomorrow. This whole trip made me quite uneasy, but I’m sure the feeling brewing in the pit of my stomach was far worse and stronger in Kyle’s.
There was a deep heaviness in my eyes when we landed in New York, and they grew even heavier when Dani and I were riding in the backseat of an SUV Hunter had sent for us. Snowflakes floated onto the windows as we drove through the city, which was surprisingly still up and alive at five o’clock in the morning, especially for a snowy day. Although I was practically raised in Boston for nearly half of my life, I still consider myself a California girl, and this Californian was having a difficult time adjusting to the bitter cold air around these parts. I was wrapped in a coat and scarf and had a hot chocolate in my hand, and yet, I found myself shivering and wishing I was back in Watercrest Height’s seventy degree weather. And to think I actually considered going to college and living here full time at one point in my life. I have no idea how Hunter and Tucker survived most of their lives in this city.
As I was sinking down into the cushiony leather seats, trying to stay as warm as possible, I felt my phone vibrating in my lap and the bright glow hitting my face. I glanced at the screen and saw a text from Ava. I’m waiting in the lobby, she wrote, followed by a grinning emoji.
“Hey,” I turned towards Dani, who was dozing off to sleep. “Ava is waiting in the penthouse lobby.”
Dani’s gray eyes narrowed. “What is she doing there? I thought she was supposed to come tonight?”
I shrugged. “That was the initial plan.”
“Isn’t she supposed to be staying with one of her rich model friends?” She asked. “And why is she in the lobby at five in the morning? How did she even know we were on our way?”
The questions Dani was throwing at me were good ones, and some I couldn’t quite find the answer to.
“I posted we landed on my Snapchat, but I didn’t know anyone was awake to see it.” I turned my phone towards her, showing the picture of the city outside of our plane window I had posted. “Should I tell her to go up there and we’ll meet her inside?”
Dani stared me down as if I had just lost my mind. “Are you serious?”
“What?” I sunk further down, my scarf covering my smirking mouth.
“Why would I want to send a girl, who my boyfriend thinks is hot as fuck, up to his penthouse, alone?” She snarled.
“Because she’s gay.” I burst out laughing, nearly spilling my hot chocolate. “Do you really think Ava wants anything to do with Hunter? She’s more attracted to you than him, Dani.”
“Fuck you.” She laughed. “Gay or straight—she’s not going up there alone.”
“Okay, okay.” I cackled, tossing my phone into my backpack. “We’re almost there, anyway.” I stretched my neck to get a good look out of the window, recognizing the streets Tucker and I rode down last fall. I still remember our vacation, vividly, and I felt guilty for it.
“Do you think it’s tacky for me to post all of the gifts I’m going to make Hunter buy me?” Dani genuinely asked.
I arched my brow. “You’re going to make him buy you things?”
“Of course.” She scuffed. “If he could walk around with a ten thousand dollar Rolex, then I’m sure he could drop a couple grand on a shopping spree.”
“You don’t think he’ll surprise you with something flashy?” I asked.
“To be fair, Hunter isn’t as gracious as Tucker.” She rolled her eyes. “Tucker will buy you a Ziploc bag full of diamonds and Hunter will just buy me the bag.”
“That’s not true.” I snickered, knowing damn well it was so true. It’s not that Hunter is cheap and doesn’t want to spend any money on Dani, it’s just—well, he’s a bit oblivious to things. If you want something, you would have to tell him because he will never catch on, no matter how many hints are dropped. “We’re here.” I changed the subject and began tapping on the window, flashbacks of Tucker and I entering the building flooding my brain.
“I haven’t even stepped foot inside and I already feel poor.” Dani popped a mint into her mouth as her eyes fixed on the high rise.
We stepped down from the Cadillac and onto the lightly iced sidewalk, wrapping our scarves tighter around our necks and puffing out clouded air from our mouths. Our driver did us an incredible service by carrying our luggage into the building and sending us off on our way as we rolled our suitcase through the warm lobby. The man sitting behind the service counter flashed us a kind smile as we admired the elegant and modern décor and design of the lobby, and even though I’ve witnessed this all before, I was still awing like it was my first time laying eyes on such beauty.
Oh, best fraaaaaan,” Ava sung as she stood from the sleek sofa in the sitting area, wearing a smile and what seemed to look like workout gear. I guess a pair of leggings, Nikes, and leather jacket is all a model strutting around New York City needs.
“Hi,” I opened my arms wide for a long hug from her. “I thought you were coming tonight?”
“I know, but I have to be at a shoot in a couple of hours and I was already wide awake, so I thought—what the hell.” She crinkled her freckled nose as she turned to Dani. “Hi, lovely!”
“Hey, Ava.” Dani forced the fake smile she always puts on when Ava is within a ten foot radius of her.
“So,” Ava puffed her chest. “Should we head up? You two have the key?”
“No, but Hunter should be awake.” Dani says, as the three of us strolled across the lobby’s smooth marble floors. “Are you still planning on staying tonight?”
Ava pressed the elevator button, lighting it up. “Yes, and I have a flight back to LA around the same time as you guys. It’s funny how this all worked out.”
“Right.” Dani plastered on an oh, so fake smile of hers as the elevator doors opened and we stepped inside.
I glanced at my reflection in the mirror plated walls and quickly looked away, not being able to stomach how gross I looked from the long flight. Dani kept her stare straight ahead, her eyes glued onto the closed doors, while Ava was taking selfies in the mirror and urging me to join in on the “fun”.
The elevator finally stopped and the doors slowly glided open as we stepped through them, pulling along our suitcases down the quiet halls. I knew exactly where the unit was located, as if I were here only yesterday, and nothing but tightening knots were forming in my stomach once we had reached the door. Hunter had left it unlocked for us, and Dani did the honor of opening the door and taking the first steps inside.
It was just as I remembered—elegant, luxurious, and breathtaking. Freshly polished wooden floors, priceless paintings hanging from the walls, sculptures in every corner, and three stories of nothing but unnecessary space. I stared up at the ceiling high windows overlooking the city, reminding me of the view I had just witnessed before boarding the plane over here, only this sight was more beautiful, more grand, and more familiar to me. I then turned my attention to the living room, where Tucker had spent most of his time during our trip, going over his homework and editing pictures for his photography class. My eyes caught a glimpse of the kitchen and dining room and I thought of Tucker ordering dinner for us and knowing exactly what I wanted to eat without me having to tell him. And then I focused on the spiral staircase and memories of him running down the steps with a gun in his hand, in his most paranoid state, flooded every thought in my mind and sent chills crawling down my spine, and instantly, I was back into reality and away from my exhausting stroll through memory lane.
“I haven’t slept, you know.” Hunter called out from the third story balcony, while leaning over the glass railing, his blonde mane hanging right with him. He had finally grown his hair out and it looked pretty damn good. The guy’s bun looks better than mine.
“And we appreciate your kind service and hospitality.” Dani dropped her suitcase onto the floor and began stripping out of her coat and boots. 
“I’m glad you girls could make it.” His voice began to echo as he headed down the steps. “I know it’s nearly breakfast time, but it’s never too early to pop open a bottle of one these babies.” He finally appeared on the last flight of steps, holding a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne. “What do you say?”
“I’m in.” Dani quickly agreed, shedding the last of her winter gear. “I’ll grab some glasses.” She strolled into the kitchen and quickly began searching through the cabinets.
“Be careful, babe.” Hunter cringed. “Those glasses are very expensive, very crystal, and very Hermes.”
I snickered, slowly shaking my head. “I’m going to pass on the morning festivities.”
“I’ll take a glass.” Ava grinned. “I could loosen up a bit before my shoot.”
Hunter grinned right back and popped open the bottle, the loud noise echoing throughout the penthouse. “Are you sure you don’t want any, Chelsea?”
“I’m positive.” I said. “All I want is a blanket and nearest couch.”
“I have everything set up for you and Ava on the second floor loft.” He said. “I even hooked up Netflix to the TV.”
“How nice.” Ava took a chunk of hair between her fingers and examined her even ends. “I won’t be sleeping, though.”
“Suit yourself.” I grabbed a hold of my suitcase handle and started towards the staircase. “I will see you all in a few hours.”
“You’re seriously not going to have a sip?” I could hear Dani’s voice followed by the clinking of glass rubbing against one another. Even I had cringed a little hearing that.
“I’m serious.” I flashed a smile and began up the steps. “Have fun without me.”

Our dear Chelsea just landed in New York! Hmm, I wonder what awaits.


  1. I am constantly checking for updates on this book wherever I can. Always been a fan of Chucker 🙂 ... love this story and so excited for this release!!!

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