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Friday, November 25, 2016

I haven't posted here in FOREVER! But I swear, I'm back on my A-Game and will be posting much more frequently. 
With that said, I would like to share a small sneak peek of my next Anon. book with you all! I will share more and more, and you'll basically have the first chapter before the book is released in December--just in time for Christmas!

So please enjoy!

This is not the final edit, so please excuse any spelling or grammar errors :) 

Saturday – December 10th  

I’m not sure how long I was standing in front of my mirror, but I knew it was long enough for Harley, my precious Maltese, to worry about my well-being in the form of an ear-piercing whimper.
My fingertips disappeared into her white fur as I crouched down beside her, scratching behind her tiny ears. Over the past couple of days, I’ve found myself zoning in and out of reality and not realizing it until someone shakes me out of my daze. I could be eating breakfast one minute and the next, I have soggy waffles falling out my mouth and into a glass of orange juice. I wasn’t sure if all of this was happening because I was completely exhausted after finishing a semester of school or because my head was prancing around in the clouds, escaping the real world. But why would I need to escape this world when everything was going seemingly well in my life? I had a great boyfriend, who loves me unconditionally, an incredible group of friends who have been by my side this entire year, and a supportive family, with a new addition on the way. I was truly living the life and I had no reason to want to escape it. But then I glanced over to the corner of my room and suddenly remembered why I wanted to run away for a while.
A single suitcase was sprawled open on my bedroom floor, showcasing neatly folded clothes and a couple pair of shoes wedged inside. I was going to New York tonight and coming back bright and early on Monday morning, only spending a day in the city. This was a last minute thing and something I truly regretted agreeing to. I would usually be jumping up and down knowing I would be on a plane to New York in a few hours, but the only thing that was jumping was my sinking heart, and leg, trembling with nothing but nerves. The only reason why I was going to the city was because my cousin Dani asked if I would come with her since she hates airplanes and couldn’t imagine getting on one alone. I wasn’t going to go, but she begged and pleaded and I honestly couldn’t say no to those big puppy eyes of hers, especially when she was willing to foot the bill. Well, actually, Hunter Andreou was the one who was writing the check for this little trip of ours.
Dani had finally gotten what she had always wanted—an arrogant, self-absorbed, fabulously wealthy heir. Hunter and Dani had put a label on their dysfunctional relationship and have officially been together for a few months now, making Dani one of the happiest girls in the world and Aunt Amy, one proud mother. I swear, there are literal dollar signs in her eyes every time Aunt Amy opens her mouth to speak of Hunter. Ignoring my aunt’s gold-digging agenda, I’m very happy for Dani and her relationship with Hunter. I just wish she would never include me in anything that has to do with him, this trip to New York included.
“Chelsea?” My dad’s voice was followed by two knocks against my bedroom door. “Is it okay to come in?”
“Yeah, Dad.” I stood up straight, running my fingers through my hair. “It’s open.”
The door slowly creaked open as he poked his head into the room. “Your mother and I are about to head out to go grab a tree. Are you sure you don’t want to come?”
“I’m sure.” I tried to keep myself from rolling my eyes at how late my parents were at Christmas tree shopping. Some families have their trees up right after Thanksgiving, and here we were, two weeks until Christmas with not a single pine needle in sight. My parents have been so busy obsessing over every single detail in my sister’s nursery and neglected some of the more important things in our family. “Kyle should be here soon, so go out without me.”
“What time is your flight?” He asked. “I think we’ll be done decorating the tree before we head off to LAX.”
“Kyle is taking me to the airport.” I said, shrugging. “It’ll be easier that way.”
My dad’s eyebrows pulled together. “I thought we’d agreed your mother and I were dropping you off and picking you up.”
“I don’t want Mom hopping in and out of a car.” I walked over to my suitcase and began zipping it up. “Kyle will take me and you can pick me up on Monday morning.”
“Where are you staying again?” He began his usual interrogation.
“The Andreou’s penthouse.” I actually rolled my eyes this time around. “I swore I told you this.”
“Do you know if Tucker is going to be there?”
I felt as if a softball was lodged in my throat, unable to get my words out. I had already asked Dani about fifty times if Tucker was going to be there and she assured me that he most certainly would not. But even though I knew he wasn’t going to be there, just the thought of being in the same room as him made me uneasy.
“No.” I said. “He’s not going to be there. Apparently he’s in another country.”
“I heard he was out traveling.” My dad nodded. “His father and I spoke a few days ago and he was telling me that Tucker is hanging with the best of photographers these days.”
I exaggeratingly shrugged. “I guess. I don’t know.” And that was probably one of the biggest lies I have told this year. Of course, I knew what was going on with Tucker. He documents every day of his life on social media and the guy was certainly living the life. 
“Did I tell you I’m working with Thomas Andreou again?” He tried to throw that sentence in there so casually, but it definitely caught me off guard and made the air in the room suffocating.
“You failed to mention that.” I could feel sweat prickling on the back of my neck. “So what are you asking from me? Do you want me to kiss Hunter’s ass while I’m there or what?”
“I said nothing even remotely close to that, Chelsea.” He scoffed. “I’m saying, if Tucker’s name happens to come up, please don’t blurt out something that could possibly get back to him or his father.”
Was he being serious right now? For months, my dad has done nothing but bash Tucker and talk about how he needs to be thrown in the looney bin or behind bars. And now, he wants me to be sensitive when it comes to all things that involve Tucker? I’ve never said a bad thing about Tucker, even though I had a whole list of colorful adjectives I could use to describe him, and I had no intention of ever saying anything about him.
“Okay.” I finally zipped my suitcase and pushed it against the wall. “You won’t hear a peep from me about Tucker Martinez-Andreou.”
“Thank you.” He smiled, but it was one that was awkward and forced. “We’ll be back in about an hour. Hopefully there are still some decent trees left out there.”
I lazily waved as my dad disappeared from my doorway, leaving me sitting on the floor and Harley peeking out into the halls.

An annoyingly long beeping came from the microwave, announcing to the entire block that my takeout was warmed up and ready to be served to my awaiting boyfriend. I had planned to have this little dinner with Kyle all prepared before he arrived to my house, but after that whole conversation with my dad, I had gracefully zoned out for God knows how long and missed my chance of preparing for our last minute date night. Since I was going to be gone for a day, I thought it would be a cute idea to have a little dinner at my place, all prepared by yours truly. I had every intention on pulling up some recipes on Google and actually putting some effort into this dinner, but things didn’t quite work out the way I wanted them to, and I ended up getting Greek takeout and throwing it on some fancy plates my mom would kill me for using if she wasn’t so busy complaining about her swollen feet and aching back.
I had a small table set up in our newly renovated backyard, all thanks to my mom and her need to keep herself busy while she was out of commission. Ever since she officially moved in and got back together with my dad, she had upgraded our entire house by gutting out our kitchen and bathrooms, adding closets, and completely changing the landscape in our backyard, practically transforming it into something you’d see on one of those HGTV renovation shows. But our beautiful backyard didn’t compare to the Bettencourt’s Hawaiian cliff side yard next door. 
“That smells divine.” Kyle smirked as I walked out on the patio, carrying our plates in my hands. “Compliments to the chefs from wherever this is from.”
“Shut up.” I laughed, placing his plate in front of him. “I swear I was going to put effort into it, but I—”
“You could serve me a bowl of Frosted Flakes and I would be happy.” He reached across the table, putting his hand over my mine. “Thank you for setting this up.”
“You’re welcome.” I smiled and squeezed his hand a bit tighter. “I know I’m only going to be gone for a day, but I’m seriously going to miss you.”
“FaceTime me the whole time and it’ll be like I’m there with you.” He joked—or at least I think he was joking. “So you’re just going out there to hang with Dani and Ava?”
I nodded, while stabbing my fork into a wedge of tomato. “Yeah, Ava has a photoshoot, so I’ll probably tag along with her while Dani and Hunter are doing whatever it is they’re planning on doing.”
I was initially supposed to spend this quick trip to New York as a third wheel, but luckily, the universe is on my side and Ava just happened to have work to do in New York, and with some permission from Hunter, she agreed to stay with us at the penthouse.
“Fun.” Kyle’s lips pulled up into a grin. “And you’re sure Tucker isn’t going to be there?”
“Kyle,” I dropped my fork onto my plate and sighed. “I wouldn’t be going if I wasn’t certain.”
“I know, it’s just—” He sighed, right along with me. “Things have been so good for us ever since he’s been out of the picture and I don’t need him to pop back up and ruin anything.”
“He hates me.” I began fidgeting with the ring Kyle had given me for our one year anniversary, a beautiful white gold band littered with tiny diamonds. “You and I both know this.”
“I need to stop letting him get under my skin.” He muttered, clearly frustrated.
“Hey,” I leaned my elbow against the table and flashed him a cutesy smile. “I love you.”
The brightest of smiles appeared across his face, causing my heart to do a little back flip. “I love you too, Chels.”
Kyle had nothing to worry about. There was no way in hell I was letting anyone or anything ruin what I worked so hard to have.

What's going to happen in New York?! Stay tuned for the next sneak peek!

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