About Me

My name is Diamond and I live in lovely Southern California. I'm a reality TV show junkie, as well as a straight-to-Netflix horror movie lover. I can live off of nothing but Greek food and lemon water. My passion is writing, which is why I started my own YA Novel series. I love my dog with all of my heart. I'm an Obsessive Compulsive and an introvert. If you would like to know more about me or see endless pictures of my dog, follow me on Instagram @diamonnddx.

My Bella! 


  1. Hey great blog:)
    Sorry my English aren't that good so, when you say "live off of nothing but Greek food and lemon water", you mean that you love them or hate' em? :3

  2. Hey, I love your blog! Your the reason why I am addicted to "Awkward." , well you are the one that made me start watching it, lol. I never tried Greek food or lemon water. So I guess I never lived, eh? Anyway, love your sims 3 series and book series, read all 4 books. :) and your doggy is so CUTE!

    its kinda funny that I find dogs cute since I am not really an animal lover.....sorry natural fear of animals..whoops.
    ~Sincerely, Winter

    1. Aw thank you! That means so much to me :D
      You have to try Greek food! I was a little hesitant at first, but it's amazing and I'm sure you'll like it :)

  3. is it possible to download costum content without getting a um software

  4. Λατρευω τις σειρες σου και το σκυλακι σου ειναι πολυ γλυκο♥

  5. how do you control a bunch of people at once. is it a mod, do you add them all to one household ?, do you switch households while your playing ?. i've been wanting to start a series of my own and i don't how to do that so it would be great if you replied to me ! p.s. do you use different expansion packs or something, sorry i really want to know :)

  6. You are the sweetest person ever! I love your Anon series, and I would like to know, are you studying a career? Or you just live of the sales of your books?