Awkward - Season 4 Ep. 12 Recap

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's baaaaaack! I'm back. You're back. We're all just back to watch this go down. The fall season of Awkward is here and I'm actually surprised to see it back so soon. I recapped episodes in the spring, which was only a few months ago. I remember when Awkward would only come on once a year. Eh, whatever. I guess I should start by giving a little summary just to refresh our memory of what happened last season.

Jenna got this new college boyfriend who broke up with her because she was still hung up on Matty. Tamara and Jake broke up and then she catfished him. Sadie and Matty kissed but felt kind of grossed out by it...which shattered my heart into a million pieces. And then there's Eva, the lying sociopath who trapped Matty with a baby. 

And that brings us here.

So, I'm assuming some time has past (maybe a few days, a week--something) because Jenna and the entire school are starting to stress over finals week. Jenna sees Matty, tries to talk to him, and guess who pops out of nowhere like she always does? Eva. She tells Matty that he shouldn't talk to Jenna because it makes her upset and that's not good for the spawn of Satan growing in her womb. It's only sixty seconds into the show and I already want to bitch slap her. Anyway, so the day goes on and Jenna goes to Luke, her college ex-boyfriend, to apologize and give him some little care package. While she's showing off everything in the box, a girl walks up to him and urges him to go with her to a show or something like that. It's pretty clear Luke has moved on.

Giveaway Winner!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First of all, thanks so much for participating in my giveaway! I would love to have more in the future! Below is the winner and finalists. I already announced the winner in a video, but I thought it would be fun to read what everyone else had to say! I choose the winner randomly, and these were only HALF of the people who were up to get picked. I'll be more than happy to post the other half later on :)

Read on to see the finalists :)