Awkward - Season 4 Ep. 12 Recap

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's baaaaaack! I'm back. You're back. We're all just back to watch this go down. The fall season of Awkward is here and I'm actually surprised to see it back so soon. I recapped episodes in the spring, which was only a few months ago. I remember when Awkward would only come on once a year. Eh, whatever. I guess I should start by giving a little summary just to refresh our memory of what happened last season.

Jenna got this new college boyfriend who broke up with her because she was still hung up on Matty. Tamara and Jake broke up and then she catfished him. Sadie and Matty kissed but felt kind of grossed out by it...which shattered my heart into a million pieces. And then there's Eva, the lying sociopath who trapped Matty with a baby. 

And that brings us here.

So, I'm assuming some time has past (maybe a few days, a week--something) because Jenna and the entire school are starting to stress over finals week. Jenna sees Matty, tries to talk to him, and guess who pops out of nowhere like she always does? Eva. She tells Matty that he shouldn't talk to Jenna because it makes her upset and that's not good for the spawn of Satan growing in her womb. It's only sixty seconds into the show and I already want to bitch slap her. Anyway, so the day goes on and Jenna goes to Luke, her college ex-boyfriend, to apologize and give him some little care package. While she's showing off everything in the box, a girl walks up to him and urges him to go with her to a show or something like that. It's pretty clear Luke has moved on.

Next day, there's an assembly being held by Val talking about pregnancy. Eva and Matty (mostly Matty) are nervous because they think someone told Val and the only two people it could be is Jenna or Sadie. Matty confronts them about it and Sadie, in her true, glorious fashion, tells Matty she doesn't have time to worry about any whores, and Jenna says she didn't tell because she knows how to keep secrets. Later, Matty and Eva are in his room and she starts kissing on him but he's just so not into it. She says it's because she's "used" up and pregnant and she's going to get fat and he's not going to like her anymore and blah, blah, blah. Matty's mom comes in and asks if Matty has seen her diamond earrings, because they're missing. I think we all know Eva stole them at this point. Like, come on, She's a liar and most likely a thief. After his mom leaves the room, Eva is upset that he didn't tell her about the pregnancy. She starts going on and on about being a single mom and how Matty doesn't have to help out. And then Matty gets the brilliant idea to go engagement ring shopping. I'm surprised my remote didn't fly out of my hand and right into the TV.

Back at school, Eva comes out of the restroom stall and starts talking to Tamara. Have you noticed this chick is always lurking in the damn restroom stalls? You know, she probably isn't even registered at school and just spends the entire day going from restroom to restroom. I wouldn't put anything past her crazy ass. Whatever, she blatantly tells Tamara that she's pregnant and getting married to Matty, and of course Tamara tells Jenna, and Jenna runs to Matty. He basically tells her she's overstepping her boundaries and she gets pissed--which she has every right to be--and storms off. 

Later on in the night, Luke comes over and tells Jenna he needs to focus on school and not a relationship. I honestly don't even care about this. I'm glad he's gone because he wasn't really adding nothing to the story line, in my opinion. Now it's the next day and Matty and Eva are engagement ring shopping. While she's trying on rings, Matty calls her out on her compulsive lying. Eva isn't really pregnant. No shit. See, I called this in last season's finale recap! She caught Gloria, or whatever her name is, taking a pregnancy test, and said she wouldn't tell anyone. Eva keeps the test and then uses it as her own, which is just...weird and gross. Gloria doesn't feel right about Eva's lying, so to shush her up, Eva gives her a pair of diamond earrings, which were Matty's mom's. The whole reason why Matty found all of this out was because he spotted the earrings on Gloria and grilled her for information. Oh, and he overheard Eva being a complete bitch to Jenna. He tells Eva to get her crazy ass away from him or he'll tell everyone what a psycho she is. I literally clapped when he told her this, and that's when I realized I'm way too invested in this show and I need help.

And then he goes over to Jenna's house to apologize and eat Chinese food. So cute. There are other story lines about Lissa and the weird relationship with her brother, but it's not very interesting. The preview for this season looks kinda blah, but we'll see how it all plays out.

Thanks so much for reading! See you next week :)

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