I'm Feeling 22!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nearly a week ago, I turned 22. And I have to say--I feel OLD. I felt old when I turned 21, but all of my fears of growing old were masked by the realization that I was now legally able to buy and consume alcohol.

As I grew older, I realize that birthdays are just another day. No more big parties like when I was five or six. Nope, it's nothing but happy birthday texts and if I'm lucky, a cake. But I'm totally okay with that. I don't expect people to bend over backwards just because I survived another year without dying.

The only thing I wanted for my birthday (and this going to sound so silly) was a CAKE with my NAME on it. That's it! Cakes just seem so much more meaningful with your name on it, right? And guess what? My sweet mom got one for me! It was a huge cake with butter cream frosting and cream cheese filling, and it was delicious. So, thanks, Mom! I can always count on her to make every birthday special <3

And thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes! I never received so many in my entire life!

Because, it wouldn't be an official 22nd birthday post without this song!

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