Awkward - Season 4 Finale Recap

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Oh, my God! This had to be one of the best finales of Awkward ever. Okay, maybe not ever, but it was pretty close! Bravo to the writers for making me disdain a TV character with so much passion.

The finale was broken up into two back-to-back episodes, and the first episode started off with the senior class taking their senior ski trip. Matty and Eva are all cuddled up, Jake and Lissa are looking too friendly, Val is going overboard, like she always does, Tamara and Jenna are trying not to look at Matty and Jake, and oh, yeah, Jenna's parents are on the trip, as well. While on the bus, Matty tells Sadie to pretty much back off of his relationship with Eva and Sadie snaps. And by snap, I mean, attacks Eva and eventually gets kicked off the bus for the trip. When they get to the slopes, Tamara ditches Jenna and she's all alone, until Luke magically comes out of nowhere! So she's all giddy now, but all of her giddiness stops once she's about to get on the ski lift and Eva trips her, causing her to miss the lift with Luke. Eva takes her place and Jenna is stuck with Matty.

Sadie goes on a mission to find out who Eva really is, and brings her food truck coworker with her. They go to Ava's address and pulls up at some fancy mansion and when they ask for Eva, another woman shows up. Apparently Eva has been stealing her identity and opening credit cards in this woman's name's just all not a surprise. We all knew she was shady. Back in the mountains, Eva once again tries to play the innocent victim act by trying to get all of the attention away from Jenna and puts it all on herself. So, she gets some hot chocolate, steps behind Jenna, and when Jenna turns around, Eva pours it on herself, making it seem like Jenna slammed into her when she turned around. Eva is all like, "Why would you do this to me?! Blahblahblah" and then Matty is like, "Seriously, can you just stay away?" and I'm like, "Oh, no he didn't!" Matty is really starting to get on my nerves at this point, which is breaking my heart since he used to my favorite.

Sadie and her coworker find Eva's real house in a not so good part of town, and ask to speak to Eva. Eva's grandmother tells her Eva's probably in her room studying, and Sadie goes down to the basement. By the way, the house looks like one of those houses on Hoarders. Lots and lots of junk just piled up everywhere. So Sadie goes into the basement with her coworker and they find a door. They go through the door and find Eva's room, which looks like the clean and oddly creepier version of A's lair on Pretty Little Liars. The girl has a Matty McKibben shrine and a collage of hate for Sadie and Jenna. It was just plain weird. So Sadie calls Matty to tell him about how creepy his girlfriend is, but Eva answers the phone (of course) and hears Sadie saying how much of fake Eva is. So Eva gets freaked out and puts Matty's phone in the freezer.

And that was episode 1! Oh, and some Luke/Jenna drama happened. I'm not that interested in their story line, but I'll sum it up for ya. So Luke is mad that Jenna is involved in Eva and Matty's drama, and he leaves, saying he could be home studying instead of wasting his time with some high school drama.

Now, episode 2!

After the night before with the Matty drama and Luke leaving the mountains, Jenna starts her morning by taking a shower. And guess who interrupts her shower? Queen Sadie! She came to the mountains with a mission to take Eva down and she needs Jenna's help. A huge snow storm is coming in and everyone is having a hard time getting around, which means Jenna and Sadie are having a hard time finding Eva and Matty. Apparently, these two are in Eva's cabin in some ritzy part of the mountains. So Sadie enlists help from her coworker, whose dad is a cop. Ohmygosh, I forgot to explain the most important part in this! Eva's real name isn't even Eva. It's Amber...I think. Sadie found all of this out from her coworker's dad, which is also how she found out her real address. And Eva got kicked out of school for stabbing someone in the face with a pencil. Anyway, Sadie asks her coworker to get his dad to track down Matty using the gps on his phone.

So they finally find Matty and Eva and Sadie  and Jenna immediately start yelling out all the lies Eva has told and that's when Eva says she's pregnant. Eh, give me a break. Matty tells them to leave, but they can't because the snow storm is too bad. Now they're all sitting around and Eva explains all of her lies to them, and again, makes herself seem like the poor victim. The power goes off, and Matty and Jenna go get flashlights and candles, and while they're looking for it, Jenna tells Matty she was trying to look out for him and Matty gets all defensive. After they got the flashlights, they see Eva talking to a couple, and a couple yelling at her. It's their cabin and they told Eva to get out. This should have been a big red flag for Matty.

The trip ends, and right when they're getting off of the bus, Matty asks Eva to take another pregnancy test, just to be sure. And then Jenna gets off the bus and immediately calls Luke to apologize. Luke decides to end their relationship and says Jenna is too immature for him. Heartbroken, Jenna walks into the rest-stop, where Matty is waiting outside of the bathroom for Eva. Sadie and Jenna are standing nearby waiting for Eva to come out with her test results. She finally comes out and SHOCKER, she's pregnant! My theory is that she got pregnant by someone else and is pinning it on Matty. OR someone else took the test for her! Knowing Eva, she might have gotten someone's pee...I wouldn't put it past her crazy ass. That's my theory and I'm sticking with it, people!

This finale gets a 10! It got to my emotions (even though it was nothing but anger) and left me wanting more, which is exactly what a finale is supposed to do.

This has been a pretty good season and I can't wait to see what they have in store next!

Thanks for reading my Awkward recaps! :)


  1. Omg I feel the same way! That is NOT matty's baby! And he isn't trippin about her being an obsessive stalker? Boys...Anyways, I wonder who Eva's preggers by? I mean, if she even is

    1. lol right?! I would've been freaked out by her, but we all know Matty isn't the smartest guy around.