Pretty Little Liars - Season 5 Ep. 1 Recap

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yeah, that's right--I'm a PLL fan too! This show annoys me so much but I've been watching this since I graduated high school and I've read ten books out of the entire series, and I have invested way too much time to quit this show, dammit! I feel like we're never going to figure anything out, and when we do find out who A is, I'm going to be pregnant with my first child. But this show is like crack and I'm so glad I have my weekly fix...even though I get pissed off and annoyed beyond belief each and every week.

Okay, so after that crazy finale, (I'm still mad at Hanna for not SHOOTING A!) we're back, and we see Ezra getting wheeled off in the ambulance. Aria wants to go, but the girls agreed that they need to step back before they look even more suspicious. And while the ambulance is driving away, we see A on top of it. Oh, my God--I laughed so hard! I died, came back to life, and died all over again. That has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen on this show. Well, besides Toby looking all gangsta in jail.

The girls split up, because you know, that's ALWAYS a good thing to do when you have a stalker after you. They devise some type of scheme to get A away from Ezra and Aria. The girls spot A at the hospital wearing some weird mask and I just have to ask: why hasn't anyone noticed this creep walking around town looking like this? A needs a life or a new hobby. They have way too much time on their hands. Anyway, the girls end up trapping A at some park, but then a whole bunch of As come out of nowhere and I'm just confused as hell. First, I don't even know how their planned work, and second, what's with the A flash mob?

The A mob end up scattering off, and Ali takes the girls to a theater Ezra took her to at one point. I have no idea why they insist on going to places alone. I get they're in hiding, but they just set themselves up to be killed, I swear. Oh, and on the other side of town, Melissa is acting shady as hell and apparently told her dad some strange secret. And then Mona is over there organizing a mob of angry people Ali made fun of in high school, which includes Paige and Lucas. There is so much hate for Ali, it's ridiculous.

While Aria is waiting at the hospital, Shawna comes out of nowhere and says Ali sent her to keep an eye on her. First, let me just say, I'm glad she got a new hairstyle, because she's such a pretty girl and her hair last season was doing her no favors. Okay back to the show--Aria falls asleep while Ezra gets out of surgery, but when she wakes up, she rushes to the room, only to find Shawna in there. Ezra wakes up, sees Shawna and has some type of heart attack like thing go on with him. Meanwhile back at the theater, the girls are asleep, and Ali wakes up to a hand over her mouth. It's CeeCee and she needs Ali's help fleeing the country. Ali gives her the fake Vivian Darkbloom passport and all the information she needs, with the help of Noel, and CeeCee is on her way.

Aria is finally alone with Ezra, and he whispers who A is to her...or at least I think that's what he whispered. Back at the theater, a police officer investigating Ali and Ezra calls the theater after doing some major Google searching, and Ali picks up the phone, thinking it's Aria. The girls panic, and Ali reveals she can't leave out of the country because she gave her passport to someone who needs it more. And THEN Shawna comes out of nowhere with a gun, saying she's here to get revenge for Jenna because she loved her or some nonsense like that. And Aria comes from behind her (still don't know how she got to the theater so fast from the hospital) and clunks Shawna in the head. She falls off the stage and is dead.

And that, my friends, is pretty much it. didn't make sense to me neither. Like, Shawna, really? Pretty disappointing for a premiere, but I'll be watching again next week. *sigh*

This episode gets a 6.

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