Awkward - Season 4 Ep. 8 & 9 Recap

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

So here I am with TWO Awkward recaps this week, and only because I skipped episode 8 last week. I was busy finishing up some work and then I had to put out a new video on YouTube and it was just a MESS. But I'm back and ready to start recapping these shows for ya, especially since next week is the season finale! Time flies, doesn't it? It feels like it was just yesterday I was mentally cussing Jenna out for sleeping with Matty. Ah, good times. Anyhow, let's get to it!

Episode 8

I'll be real--it wasn't that great. Jenna thought Luke was cheating on her when she and Tamara decide to surprise him at his dorm, and saw a girl on top of him, massaging his back. Come to find out, it's his friend and the girl is a lesbian. Tamara ends up sleeping with the girl, or at least that's what was implied. Jake and Matty are stuck in jail and when they try to get in contact with Jenna, she ignores the call because the number is blocked. Eva goes to Jenna for help to get them out of jail and Jenna helps her out, but Eva tells Matty that Jenna didn't want to help them at all. If anything, this episode just made me want to slap Eva through the TV. I mean, I always get the urge to slap her, but my pimp hand was feeling pretty damn strong last week. I give that episode a solid 4.

Episode 9

Now, this episode definitely made up for last week. I actually found myself walking out of the room at one point. I know, I know--drama queen. 

 So Jenna and Tamara are getting ready to send their personal statements for college, and decide to have a sleepover so they can send them together. While discussing this, Matty and that vile witch Eva come strolling towards them, hand in hand. Matty asks Jenna if she can send him the paper (which she had been working on for him), and she says she'll do it tonight. Once the group splits, Jenna goes to her locker and apparently Eva's is right next to hers. Eva says she hopes Jenna she doesn't mind that her and Matty are official and brags about him taking her out to dinner. And then my eyes got stuck in the back of my head from rolling them so hard, and I missed what happened after that.

Later that night, upon Matty's request, Jenna sends him his paper. Matty tries to check his messages while driving, but Eva does it for him. Once she sees Jenna actually sent him his paper, she deletes the message and says Jenna didn't send a damn thing. Now, this is the part where I stormed out of the room with my bowl of Captain Crunch in my hand. I believe I actually said "I can't with this bitch" or something along the lines of that, and walked away. Like, I am so done with this chick. I've been done with her since episode one. So back at Jenna's house, Luke comes over (that is his name, right?) and Tamara feels like a third wheel. But Luke was actually really kind and asked if he could take them out for fro-yo and he'll leave right afterwards. Tamara instantly agrees and I instantly started to like Luke just a tad bit more. Now, back to Matty and Eva, who are out at dinner at this point, Matty still can't believe Jenna hasn't sent him his paper, and Eva shows him that Jenna is out eating fro-yo and having a good time. That's when Matty kind of loses it.

Matty actually shows up at the fro-yo shop and demands answers from Jenna. Jenna says she sent him his paper, but will send it again once she gets home. Matty isn't happy with the answer, Tamara looks scared, Luke looks like he wants to beat Matty's ass, Jenna is giving some major attitude, and Eva is just...there. So Jenna tells him to go to her house and get it if he wants it so bad, so Matty does exactly that. After Matty gets his paper from Jenna's computer, Eva decides it would be a marvelous idea to fool around on Jenna's bed. And thank God Matty declined her offer. But while they were leaving, Eva went back inside and left a little present for Jenna. Once Tamara and Jenna were back at Jenna's house, preparing to watch The Notebook, Tamara finds the little gift Eva left behind--her skanky underwear.

The next day, Jenna confronts Eva with her disgusting panties, and tells her she knows Matty and he would never sleep with her in Jenna's bed. Well, she used more colorful vocabulary than I did, but it was fantastic and that was the point I wanted to stand up and start a slow clap. I knew you had in ya, Jenna. That's my girl.

I give this episode a 9. 
Only because it pissed me off for all the right reasons. Eva is definitely a great villain. 

Oh, and there was another story line with Sadie, Lissa, and Jake catering an event for Val. And I think they're setting up a Jake and Lissa romance. Eh, I can see it happening.