Awkward - Season 4 Ep. 1 Recap

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Before I start the recap of Tuesday night's episode, I just want you all to know that I'm a huge Awkward fan, and I was surprised how fast I was addicted to the show when I first saw it. It was very different than any other show I have watched, and I think that's why so many people love it. And maybe because there are pretty hot guys on the show, as well.

Last season of Awkward was definitely interesting during the second half of the season, but the first half was pretty dull. And by dull, I mean, I could barely get through the thirty minute episode without feeling the need to change over to Tosh.0 or American Dad. But luckily for MTV and us fans, the second half of the season delivered. And although Jenna made me roll my eyes every time she opened her mouth, I was satisfied with the way the season ended.

Now, let's get on to last night's premiere! This one is going to pretty long since it was an hour instead of thirty minutes!

The opening scene for this episode definitely lived up to the show's name. I've been watching this show for quite some time, and I have never felt more awkward while watching TV. Good job, writers! So Jenna gets caught getting a little bit too excited by her parents, who decide to just barge into her room to wish her a happy first day of senior year. Jenna is obviously embarrassed, much like us viewers, and to make matters even worse, the whole school seems to know about it, all thanks to Sadie. Jenna's mom blabbed about it to her friends and word got back around to Sadie, who then goes on to taunt Jenna while she rides through the school parking lot in her shiny new Mercedes. 

Once Jenna realizes the whole school will eventually find out what happened to her this morning, she shrugs it off and goes onto the football bleachers where the seniors are getting ready to take their pictures. Tamara is dictating orders to everyone, but no one is paying her any mind, even Jake, who is now rocking some strange hairstyle and playing guitar. While Jenna is examining everyone, she sees Matty for the first time in months, and the two have a brief conversation before Tamara interrupts. Once everyone is seated, we realize that Ming is no longer with us. Apparently she got shipped off to some boarding school by the Mafia. While everyone is preparing to take their picture, two big events happen. First, a blonde girl who is walking in slow motion to a rock song begins walking up the bleachers and introduces herself to Val as the "new girl" named Eva. New girl, eh? I already got a bad feeling about this chick. The second big event happens when everyone's phone starts to ring, and that's when they discover the student class ranking has been posted. Jenna's friends are pretty high on the list, and poor Jenna is #137. This, of course, sends her into panic mode, and she instantly regrets her wild behavior her junior year. But luckily for Jenna, Val gives her a list of things she needs to do in order to build her resume to get colleges to at least glance in her direction.

Tamara and Jenna are in the bathroom discussing Jenna's eventful morning, and that's when Tamara reveals she's never had the Big O. Unknown to the girls, Eva is in one of the bathroom stalls and offers a few words of wisdom to Tamara and her big problem. After school, Jenna's mom takes her shopping and they run into Matty, who is working as a model at some Abercrombie and Fitch knock-off store. He reveals that he's no longer with Bailey. You remember Bailey, right? She's the girl who kind of came out of nowhere and Matty was attracted to her and asked her to prom, only after knowing her for like, a week or two. Yeah, that Bailey. So after Jenna hears about their breakup, she ponders over it, which distracts her a bit from getting started on her college paper. 

The next day, Jenna and Tamara are sitting down at lunch and Tamara advises Jenna to help out the cheer squad so she can put it as an extracurricular activity on her college resume. Of course, Jenna disagrees and decides to scout of some clubs on her own. As predicted, every club turned her down and she was forced to help out the cheer squad by handling equipment. Later on in the day, Jenna's mom convinces her to go the senior sleepover, which apparently is a thing. While there, Eva comes along and asks to join Jenna and Tamara, along with Matty and Jake. While the students are watching a movie, Jake and Tamara try to achieves Tamara's Big O, but end up showing their frustration to the entire senior class when they accident turn on the loud speaker, causing everyone to burst into a fit of laughter.

The day after the sleepover, Eva seems to be getting a little to comfortable with Jenna and Tamara since she's hanging out with them and all. This is reminding me a lot of Bailey, and we all know how things turned out with her. Anyway, later that night, Matty comes to Jenna's house and asks her for a favor. I'm not exactly sure what Jenna was hoping for, but she seemed a bit shocked when Matty asked her for help with his college essay. And not only was she shocked, she was straight up pissed off. She basically told Matty off without dropping F bombs, and he left her room, with that sad puppy dog face,which made our hearts melt and made Jenna feel like a complete bitch. So the next day, Tamara finds the joy of a vibrating toothbrush and Jenna apologizes to Matty and he doesn't really care too much. Later on, Jenna finds that Sadie is working at some food truck, and Sadie vows to kick Jenna's ass if she tells anyone about it. The only reason why Sadie gets to ride in the Mercedes is because she has to breathe into the breathalyzer in order for her new aunt-in-law to start the car. 

And then at the end of the episode, Jenna goes over to Matty's house to help him with his essay, and they end up sleeping together. Ah, and the cycle begins.

Thanks for reading my recap! Hopefully the next one isn't so long since it's a half hour episode. This is my first recap, so hopefully I'll improve over time!

All in all, I give this premiere a solid 8.

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