My Disneyland Adventure! Curses, Final Destination, and Annoying Pirates!

Friday, April 25, 2014

So the reason why I posted the "Amusement Park Must-Haves" post was because I was going to Disneyland this week. I had gone last Decemeber for Christmas, and my God, it was ridiculously crowded! I have a video on my YouTube channel that shows just how insane it was around that time of the year. Luckily, the park wasn't as crowded this time around. But although it wasn't as crowded, we definitely had some problems. Keep on reading to see exactly what I'm talking about. I swear, I think I'm a Disneyland curse.

Before I start, I would like to say that I love Disneyland and always have since I was a little girl. I'm very grateful to have gone twice in the span of six months, because I know some people haven't even gone once in their life. With that said, let's go onto to my Disneyland Adventure!

The last time I went to Disneyland, I was with my dad's side of the family. This time, I went with my mom's side. I was really excited to go, but my two cousins who are sixteen and eleven year old boys weren't too thrilled about going to the happiest place on Earth. My brother, who is also sixteen, was pretty excited, so that was refreshing to see. The first ride we decided to get on was Pirates of the Caribbean. The line was extremely short and we hopped on the opportunity to get on before the line started to build. But my brother and cousin had to go to the restroom, so we waited for them to come back until we got in line. We waited. And waited. And waited some more until we finally got in line and told them to meet us up at the front. The line had started to build at this point, but we were only standing for about five minutes. Fast forward, and we're all on the ride. My three year old cousin is screaming and crying after we go down the two drops, which is hilarious, in my opinion. And as we're cruising through the ride, we notice that our boat completely stops. The boats ahead of us keep going, but ours isn't moving a single inch. A voice on the intercom tells us there are some "rough seas ahead" and we should be moving shortly. She said this about five times, and I honestly wanted her to just shut the hell up because she was annoying me, along with the lame pirate music, and stupid animatronics on repeat. FINALLY, after THIRTY minutes of being stuck on the pirate ride from hell, someone comes and helps us out of the boat. The ride is powered off and the lights turn on.

We had to go through the back lot of Disneyland to get to the main park, and I, along with a few others, was told to put my phone away when I started snapping pictures. Hey, it was an interesting sight and I wanted to share it with you all. Although I took pictures, I won't post them...for the fear that Walt Disney himself might haunt me tonight. But the bright side of all of this is the fact that we got some front of the line passes. 

After that disaster, we used our passes to get on Space Mountain and it was amazing! I loved it! And then after that, we headed over to the Haunted Mansion and that's when our troubles started AGAIN. Guess what? We got stuck on that one too! At this point, I'm thinking that someone in our group is bad luck. That's the only explanation, right? Luckily, we were only stuck for about five minutes, but it totally ruined the ride for us and killed our spirits a bit. 

Once all of that was done, we went on over to California Adventure and immediately got something to drink. Oh, I have to say that the day we went was probably one of the hottest days in April. And guess who wore jeans and a black T-Shirt? THIS GIRL! Ah, such a stupid move on my part. Anyway, we go onto this ride that spins around in these little rocket cars. Once it was time for us to go on, a cast member tells us that we can't go on because the winds are too high. Now, it's official. I'm the bad luck person in this group. I'm the curse! There's no other explanation for it! I'm freaking out beyond belief because I think the next ride we're going to get on is going to break down, and of course, the next ride we choose is a roller coaster. While we were waiting in line, I'm getting major Final Destination 3 flashbacks. All I can think about is me falling to my death on this damn roller coaster.

Thank God this didn't happen, and I was so relieved to walk out of that thing alive. 

The rest of the day went pretty well and there weren't anymore breakdowns or anything like that. I went on the Tower of Terror and almost had a heart attack, watched the Aladdin music and was blown away, and got front row seats at the parade. I had a pretty good time, but I definitely think I'm cursed. Do yourself a favor and never go to Disneyland with me.

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  1. Aww, you are so lucky, I went to Disneyland and the Orlando Universital -forgot the spelling- once and that was taken place is Florida. And trust me I think I have bad luck because I always reach last and slept the whole time on the bench. With that being said, my mom won't allow me to go back to Disneyland.
    -Sincerely Winter