Awkward - Season 4 Ep. 3 Recap

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Okay, so I have to admit--I really loved this episode. My friend had told me it was boring before I got a chance to watch it, so I was going in it with very low expectations. But this episode was actually pretty good! Let's get on with the recap :)

After Jenna goes on her little rant of how the world revolves around no one except for herself, and she's the only one who matters, Matty tells her he's adopted and she feels like a jerk for making the situation about herself--which is kind of strange since she has a habit of making every little thing about herself, but whatever. Now Jenna is saying she's going to be there for Matty and support him, and while she's thinking to herself and doing her awkward faces, she meets her new mentee named Angel. God, I love this girl already! (Even though she pushed another girl out of the way, but let's pretend that never happened.) After Jenna meets her new mentee, she spots Matty and the two decide to be friends...with benefits. This is the time the red flags pop out and sirens should be going off because we all know this isn't going to work out. You cannot be friends with benefits with someone who you actually want to be with! That's like, common sense, Jenna.

Later on, the girls (Jenna, Tamara, Sadie, Lissa...and Eva) all meet up with Val and their new mentees. The mentees seem pretty innocent, but we all know they won't stay that way for long after the girls are done with them. At lunch, Tamara and Jenna are talking about the whole friends with benefits thing, and that's when EVA once again, comes out of nowhere and asks to hang out with them. You would think a girl who's just so down to Earth would have found some new friends by now, right? Anyway, while Jenna and Tamara are talking about Jenna's situation with Matty, Eva's facial expression changes dramatically. I swear, it looked like she was a starving lion who just smelled the fresh flesh of a wounded gazelle. The girl was ready to pounce! Oh, and Jake writes a song called "Tomorrow Never Comes", which sounds like something completely different. I have to admit, it made me laugh.

That night, Angel FaceTimes Jenna and asks her if it's okay to hook up with three guys in one night. Before Jenna can answer the question, Matty comes through her door and immediately starts kissing her and all that good stuff. Of course, Matty only has one thing on his mind, but Jenna isn't really feeling it. Instead of stripping down and well--going down, she asks him if he wants to watch a movie. Uh, does Jenna understand the definiton of friends with benefits? They never want to hang out. No, they want to get in your pants and get the hell up out of there. Matty obviously doesn't want to watch a movie, but his entire mood is killed when Jenna's mom comes into the room and asks for some pain killers for her rash she got from a terrible bikini wax with Val. That was enough for Matty to leave.

The next day, Jenna shows Angel around school and tries her best to teach Angel some lessons that she wished someone would have taught her. While she's giving Angel her lesson, Jenna sees Matty all alone in his car. She gets into the car, and it looks as if Matty was either high or crying. We still didn't find out which one it was, or maybe it was really obvious and just completely went over my head. Either way, Jenna tries to asks what's wrong, but all Matty wants to do is hop in the backseat of his car and take Jenna for a ride. Jenna, once again, seems to have forgotten what friends with benefits means, and is a bit offended that Matty tries to pull this stunt again. Matty reminds her exactly what they agreed to, and Jenna wants out. So she leaves the car and leaves Matty to continue crying...or getting high--whatever the hell he was doing up in that car.

There's a mentor meeting at Jenna's house later that night, with only Val, Angel, and Tamara in attendance. Tamara decides to come up with this master plan to Catfish Jake by using someone else's pictures and going by the name of "Autumn". Even though I'm not Tamara's biggest fan, I can't wait to see where this story line goes. The next night, Jenna goes to Matty's house to talk to him and guess who answers the door? EVA! Eh, come on, we all saw that one coming. And guess what she had the nerve to say to Jenna? "I'll tell him you stopped by." Like, excuse me? What?! Oh, my God. That really got to me for some reason haha

I give this episode a 9! And I rate it this high only because this is one of the more realistic episodes. It shows just how shaddy and naive some people can be.

I'll see you all next week! :)

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  1. You are really good at like, explaining the episode. It was so good, like, you didn't throw in every teensy little detail but if I missed the episode I could've just read this and been a-ok c:

  2. omg I'm so glad your doing these recaps, because my friends don't watch Awkward with me and I'm glad I have someone to talk to about it. So anyway, I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't care for Tamara, she annoys me like no other. I'm so tired of this Jenna and Matty thing the writers keep doing, are they off or are they on, and I stopped caring about it honestly. Like I want Matty to be with Sadie, I know I'm probably the only one, but I really like their friendship and if its evolves into something else I would be all on board. Tamara cat-fishing Jake has got to be one of the most ric ideas ever.Like the way she was treating him, I saw the break up coming and I was so happy. But him making a song off of her was so childish and totally unnecessary. And Jenna is starting to annoy me too, you were right about her thinking everything is about her, like girl calm down the world was spinning when you weren't in it and its going to be spinning long after your gone, not everything about you. I think Matty was crying. Only because there are places on the campus for him to get high but if hes crying he doesn't want ppl to see that and say something about it. Yeah Jenna doesn't know what Friends with benefits means at all. Shes trying to be treated like a girlfriend when shes just a sex piece. I don't really feel bad for her because all the things she done to Matty. Great Recap!

    1. OMG, no, I completely agree with you! I SO think Matty and Sadie should be together, or at least go beyond the friendship they have. It would make such a good story line, especially over the Jenna/Matty thing. And I feel ya on the whole Jenna getting annoying part. Let's be real, she's been annoying since like, the second season haha
      Glad we share some of the same thoughts! :)