Awkward - Season 4 Ep. 2 Recap

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The second episode of the new season was on last night, and I have to say, I was so happy it was only half an hour this week. I used to love the hour episodes, but last week was just way too long for me. Anyway, let's get onto the recap!

 So this episode starts off with the new and "improved" Jake filming a music video for his new song in Matty's backyard. There are girls in bikinis prancing around and then there's Jenna ruining the video by looking straight into the camera. Jake calls cut and Jenna and Tamara start talking, and that's when Jenna reveals she slept with Matty last night. Tamara asks her if she DTRed with him, and Jenna says she doesn't need to because she and Matty are nothing serious right now. Yeah, okay, let's see if she still feels that way by the end of the season. So while Jenna is talking, Jake pops the cork off of a bottle and smacks Jenna in the face, causing her to have a bloody nose and a messed up tooth. Matty helps her into the house and offers to find a first aid kit, and while he's looking in the garage, he finds a piece of paper that seemed to surprise him and completely change his mood.

The next day, Jenna's tooth is still looking all kinds of messed up, but that didn't stop her from going to school. No sir, our girl Jenna is a trooper! Jenna talks to Val about more extracurricular activities, and that's when Jenna gets the idea to be somewhat of a mentor to some of her peers. Val refuses at first, but eventually gives in and gives Jenna a trial run with some of the more "needier" girls. At lunch, Jenna realizes that Matty is suddenly a bit cold to her, and Tamara notices it as well. Jenna thinks Matty is ignoring her and keeping her some dirty little secret, just like he did a couple of years ago. This behavior continues throughout the day, especially after school during the soccer and cheer practice. Matty says some irrelevant remark to Jenna, which makes her do that weird facial expression she has seemed to perfect over the years. And also, Lissa pretty much kicks Sadie off of the cheer team, but that story line isn't very interesting.

While Jenna is getting her tooth fixed at the dentist, she also gets her wisdom teeth pulled and is advised to keep her mouth shut for a full twenty-four hours. Can I get an AMEN? I swear I heard a church choir singing when this scene played. Jenna is so much more tolerable when she's making those weird faces and telling us her thoughts, rather than actually speaking. So at school, Jenna texts Matty in order to get him to start talking, since he's been saying less than ten words to her ever since Jenna got bitch slapped in the mouth by a cork. Matty talks to Val in the counseling office and he tells her he wants to attend a college somewhere far, far away from this town. Hmm, now this is making us very curious to what he saw in that garage. Jenna begins her mentoring today, and since she can't talk, the girls are pouring out their problems and Jenna is being silent but obviously silence is key since Val says the girls loved her.

Jenna goes into the restroom to give herself a shot of antibiotics in her mouth, but is having a pretty hard time with it. And then once again, Eva comes out of the deep depths of the bathroom and helps Jenna out. Jenna then shows her a text that Matty sent that said "k". I think I got some flashbacks watching that scene because I instantly became angry at every person who sent me a "k" and "lol" text. If you want to piss me off, then send me one of those two texts. Anyway, Eva tells her some nonsense about Matty  not being that interesting since that's the only thing he texted. Now it's after school and Tamara hops into Jake's fancy car and he breaks up with her. It's about time, right? I'm sorry, but I have never been so annoyed by a couple. I think it's just Tamara's character that annoys me, to be honest. Tamara tells Jenna all about the breakup during practice, and then Sadie comes out of nowhere, driving her food truck through the field and apologizing to Lissa, all while telling her she needs to give her spot as captain up.

After another attempt to talk to Matty, Jenna is blown off by him, yet again. The next day, Jenna can talk and although she said she wouldn't attempt to talk to Matty, she seems him the hallway and opens her mouth. Oh, Jenna, haven't you learned anything? She begins talking, on the verge of tears, and tells Matty she will not be ignored and be his dirty secret again because she is Jenna Hamilton and she is so important. Everything is about HER, okay? No one else matters because it's about JENNA. JENNA. JENNA. JENNA. JENNA.

And then Matty tells her he found out he's adopted and it has nothing to do with HER. Oops.

I give this episode an 8.

Thanks for reading! I'll see you next week!

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  1. So I have a question; Does Awkward sort of relate well come off Anon? but I'm kind of confused coz ur ahead of Awkward in the series! but not in the book. WTF am I saying

    1. Only my season 1 videos were based off of it :)

    2. Thank you for replying coz I was REALLY confused :D

    3. Really? No wonder I found relation between them...Also glad I have an awkward buddy that feels the same way because nobody agrees with me -__-