Awkward - Season 4 Ep. 5 Recap

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I have to say--I had a love/hate relationship with this episode. I absolutely loved Sadie this week, which has pushed her up to my favorite character this season. But I also hated Jenna's story line in this episode. I'm a bit over the cliches and the overall predictability of her actions. But I will continue watching, because just like Pretty Little Liars, I have invested way too much time into this show to just quit. Now let's get onto this recap! :)

This episode starts off with Tamara, Jenna, and her parents going to scout out a college. Jenna and Tamara have interviews, and Jenna is a bit nervous about it, whereas Tamara is fully prepared and seems like she's going to blow this interview out of the water. While the girls are on a tour with Jenna's parents, Mr. Hamilton starts reliving his glory years at college by telling the girls all of his college stories and even tells them the exact spots where he vomited after a night of partying. Jenna is a bit embarrassed, Tamara doesn't seem to pay him any mind, and Mrs. Hamilton is just over the entire situation. During the tour, a very attractive (of course) guide asks Jenna what her favorite author is, and Jenna being typical Jenna, didn't have an answer. So after the tour, she felt obligated to go up to the guide and prove her knowledge of authors, and that's when he invites her to some literary drive later on that night. And Tamara and Mrs. Hamilton get invited to some outrageous party, as well.

Meanwhile, back at the high school, Jake, Matty, and Sadie decide they should all hang tonight since none of them have nothing going on and because the three of them haven't hung out with each other in a while. Matty's mom is out of town, which meant Matty had the house all to himself. And since he's grounded for totaling his car, he thinks invited people over is perfectly okay since you know, he's technically still in the house and all. Just as the group was about to leave, guess who once again pops out of nowhere? Eva! Does she have a special tracking device on these people? My God. Eva, in her usual and annoying fashion, invites herself to hang out with them by saying she has some booze she can bring over. And then Sadie, my hero and queen, tells Eva she's not welcomed. See, Sadie knows what's up with this girl and could see right through her BS. But even though Sadie wants Eva nowhere near them, Matty still invites her over. Ugh.

Now Tamara and Jenna are at the wild party Tamara got invited to, and it was your typical college party--nothing too outrageous like the frat party on that Zac Efron movie "Neighbors". By the way, it was a really good movie and seeing Zac without a shirt on for 50% of the movie was just delightful. Totally worth the twelve bucks. Anyway, Tamara is having a great time but the atmosphere isn't really Jenna's thing, so she goes and finds that tour guide at the literary drive. When Jenna gets there, she's immediately turned on by how intelligent this guy sounds and is suddenly mesmerized by him.The look that she gave him is the same look she gave Matty, Collin, and Jake, and we saw how that all went down. After the drive, Jenna and the guy end up making out in his dorm and it was implied that something more than just kissing happened. This doesn't surprise me because A) I saw the previews and B) Jenna always ends up in these types of situations. She looks at a guy and hooks up with him two hours later. It just seems a little unrealistic, in my opinion. Given, this does happen in real life, but Jenna is supposed to be this awkward girl who has a hard time fitting in, right? Or maybe that's what I made her out to be. I just wish she would work on herself a bit more before getting involved with guys, because I honestly don't want to see another version of the Matty/Jake/Collin thing again. It's exhausting.

Sadie, Matty, Jake, and Eva are at Matty's house and once again, Eva is going on about how fabulous her life is while Sadie (and I don't know about you guys, but I felt the same as Sadie) rolled her eyes at Eva's subtle bragging. Eva then changes the subject and tells everyone they need to jump into the hot tub and when she is reminded that they don't have swimsuits, she strips down to her underwear. Eva challenges Sadie to do the same, and like a boss, Sadie strips right down with her and makes comments about her boobs being perfect and Eva's being floppy. I swear, I was living for Sadie's one liners this episode! So later on that night, Matty is drunk off his ass and Sadie helps him into bed. She gives him water and pretty much tucks him in. And then Matty starts drunk rambling about how Sadie is so pretty and they should hook up. So they kissed and got pretty disgusted by it, which shattered my heart into a million pieces. And Matty tells Sadie he's adopted, and like a good friend, she comforts him in a way Jenna could never do. Ah, it was so cute! I really wish they could be together because I've shipped them since season two, dammit.

The next day, Jenna wakes up in the college guy's shirt and secures another date for later that week. Tamara wakes up on the stairs of the house she partied in last night, with a severe hangover. Jenna goes to her interview and does amazing, while Tamara can't even figure out how to spell her own name. And over back at Matty's house, Matty and Sadie are sleep in bed, looking completely adorable, when Eva, being the intrusive, no boundary having girl that she is, walks into the room and takes a picture of them. Now, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she was taking the picture to show them just how cute they looked together, but I think she took it to use against them in the future. I don't know--I want to like her ever since she had Jenna's back last week, but something about her rubs me the wrong way.

I give this episode a 9.
It would have been a 5 if it wasn't for Queen Sadie saving the episode.

Thanks for reading! See you next week :)

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  1. I totally agree with you! When Eva first appeared I was like who is this girl? I don't care for her, and hallelujah we both agree on Queen Sadie! haha:) She is just amazing at being cute and a cute bitch,:) Loved your take on the episode! :)

    1. Ava is just...ugh haha and yesss Sadie is the true star :)

  2. I know Diamond, my emotions went from AWE THERE IN BED TOGETHER TO OMFG THEY KISSED TO NOOOOOO, YOU CAN BE SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST BROTHER AND SISTERS BELIEVE ME; YOU GUYS ARE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER. And Eva taking that picture, I didn't give her benefit of the doubt, I was like this witch about to do something foul and I'm not here for it. You're right about Jenna being repetitive when it comes to guys. I think she was suppose to be this awkward girl during like season 1-2 and she was suppose to grow into herself over time or something like that, I guess. The only thing good about this episode was Queen Sadie and Matty kissing and being the cutest, other than that it was predictable and a slight boring. Great Recap!

    1. OMG, right?! They need to be together. I will be so sad if something else doesn't happen by the end of the season haha and thanks!