Awkward - Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Whoa, this episode was actually one of the better ones! My heart ached a little, I laughed, and my dislike of Eva grew to an all-time high. Let's get onto the recap! :)

Jenna and Luke are hanging out in her bed and start to make out because you know, that's their thing. Jenna's moms barges in like she always does and suddenly Luke says he should be heading out. While Jenna and Luke were giving each other a goodnight kiss, Matty pops out of nowhere with tickets to some concert called the, something like that. Matty tries to give the tickets to Jenna and says she should go with Luke, but Luke is busy that night and insist they go together.

The next day at school, Tamara and Jake are going at it about the concert tickets, since they planned on going together before they broke up and Tamara turned all crazy. Jake gives up the ticket, leaving Matty, Tamara, and Jenna to figure out who they should give the free ticket too. And Jenna comes up with the genius plan to invite Eva, because she wants Matty to have someone and possibly move on. I shook my head so hard at her. That had to be the worst idea she has ever come up with, and home girl has came up with some pretty bad ideas in the past. Of course, Eva agrees to go--we all know the chick wasn't going to say no.

Sadie and her boyfriend, who I kind of forgot existed up until now, join the four of them to the concert. They all pile up into Tamara's car and Eva goes on and on about how perfect and cool her life is. Apparently she was dating an older guy in LA who flew her back and forth from there to Switzerland during the weekends. Uh, yeah okay, girl. Good God, I do not like her. Anyway, Eva suggests they go out to get fake IDs so they can buy some booze before the concert. They get to this sketchy part of town that Eva told them to go to and while everyone is heading towards the spot, Queen Sadie continues to call Eva out on her BS, and that's when Eva shows her the picture she took of her and Matty in bed. Eva says she'll tell Sadie's boyfriend if she keeps messing with her, and surprisingly, Sadie backs off a little.

They get to a tattoo shop where the IDs are made and Jenna is noticing that Matty and Eva are having a pretty good time together, and then she realizes she still has feelings for Matty. I have to admit--I'd really love to see how things played out with Matty and Jenna if Eva wasn't there. I felt like they could have had a good time and possibly rekindle their relationship, and by "relationship" I don't mean sleeping with each other with no strings attached. I know I say Matty deserves better and Jenna annoys me, but I actually thought they were really good for each other...before Jenna started screwing it all up. Okay, back to the episode. So they get their IDs and decide to go to the liquor store next door while Tamara waits outside. Some guy tries to steal Tamara's phone and succeeds when Jenna comes out and tells Tamara to let it go. And then, Tamara's car gets towed!

Jake comes to pick them up, but only because Matty needed him, and drives them all to the towing yard. Sadie pulls her boyfriend aside and tells him about the picture with Matty. He's cool with it and doesn't seem to think nothing of it. And then she tells him that she kissed Matty and this guy FINALLY shows some emotion and breaks up with her. On the other side of the towing lot, Jenna pulls Matty aside and tells him he has her blessing to date Eva. Oh, Jenna...tisk, tisk. Matty gets offended and laughs it off in a "are you kidding me?" sort of way, and leaves with Eva and Jake by his side. Tamara gets her car out and Sadie and Jenna ride back home with her.

Meanwhile, outside of the concert they were all supposed to go to. Jake, Eva, and Matty are sitting in Jake's car, drinking. Remind you--Jake has a convertible. Do these people have brains? Eva gets out to go do...I actually don't know what the hell she was doing. I tune her out whenever she's on screen. But while she was out, a police officer comes to the car and arrest Jake and Matty, while Eva stands by and watches.

I give this episode an 8.
Next week looks pretty good too! So I can't wait to see how that unfolds.

Thanks for reading! And I'll see you all next week! :)
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  1. This episode was better than the last. Tamara and Jake fighting over the concert tickets I was like REALLY?, Like I get why Jake's upset but Tamra no, she has gone off the deep end. And Jake posting fake tweets, boy seriously your a senior in high school not some middle school-er, get it together.You know what really pissed me off this episode it wasn't Eva and her I'm too cool for any of you guys and let me make up fake stories about my life no it was when Jenna was like I give you my blessing to move on. Like was she serious? Like who did she think she was his mother, no your an ex he doesn't need permission to date someone else, just like you didn't need permission to shove your tongue down Collin's throat. I is she serious. My dislike for Eva has grown to board-line hate, I told you she wasn't up to no good. And she didn't stand and watch. She left them. Flat out left them once she saw they were in trouble. Like really? and then she broke up Austin and Sadie...ugh I really do not like her. Great Recap!