Awkward - Season 4 Ep. 6 Recap

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I'm sorry this post is a tad bit late. Fun fact about me: I go to sleep at an embarrassingly early time, so that means I usually watch my shows in the morning on DVR. But today, my entire neighborhood's electricity had to be cut off because...well, actually I have no idea why it was cut off, but we were without power from 9 AM to 7 PM. But anyway, I watched the episode as soon as the power was cut on and now here we are! Let's get started on this recap of a kind of uninteresting episode.

We start off with a scene of Jenna and her new college boo Luke, in bed, chatting it up. Apparently three weeks have gone by and these two lovebirds are looking pretty serious. I'm not sure if they're an actual couple, but throughout the episode Jenna said they were dating and mentioned the word "relationship", but I'm not exactly sure what's going on there. But Luke wants Jenna to go with him to some concert, but then realizes that she's young and her parents probably won't let her go. Jenna tells him that her parents are totally cool, convincing Luke that she's "independent" and not the average high school girl. Later on, Matty is playing an intense soccer game is getting annoyed at his parents in the stands, acting like they actually like each other. While the boys are resting, Jake tells Matty that he can't wait to meet Autumn (the Catfish girl) at the school's male pageant later in the week. Matty tells him that Autumn could be some old creep, but Jake is way too smitten by her to listen to him.

Later that night, Jenna is talking to Luke on Skype and while Luke was getting ready to take his shirt off and do God knows what, Jenna's parents pop into her room and invite him to the pageant she just happens to be managing. Luke says yes and Jenna is mortified. At pageant practice, Mr. Hamilton shows the boys how to dance in the opening number and my God, it was amazing. And then he took his shirt off and I'm sure some drool spilled out of my mouth. Psh, Matty who? It's all about Kevin Hamilton, people.

The pageant is on and the boys start to perform their acts. Jake sings a song about Autumn and not gonna lie, it was actually pretty catchy! Hmm, I might need to download that. So after the song, he calls Autumn to asks if she heard the song, because she's supposed to be sitting in the audience somewhere. Tamara accidentally reveals herself when she's talking, and Jake finds out. He becomes mad, which he has every right to be, and tells Tamara that she's insane and they're done for good. Eh, it was a bit harsh, but Tamara shouldn't have done that to him in the first place. I'm not sure what she was even trying to accomplish with that. Now it's Matty's turn to go on stage to perform his stand up act. I was actually going to skip through this scene because I get secondhand embarrassment for anyone who bombs at stand up, but I knew something dramatic was going to happen, so I had to stick it out. And boy am I glad I watched, because Matty lost it up there and pretty much told his mom he knew he was adopted and brought Jenna on stage to remind his mom the time she called Jenna a whore and kicked him out the house to live with her. And in true Matty fashion, he walks off.

Matty immediately apologizes to Jenna for getting her involved and Jenna is completely understanding. But she's also kind of sad because she thinks Luke sees her as some silly high school kid and not the sexy college girl that she wanted to be. But to our surprise (not really) he likes Jenna for who she is, and wants to be with her, despite the fact she's still in high school. The two kiss, Matty sees, and a piece of my heart chipped off. I just hate seeing my Matty so sad!

I give this episode a 5. 
It just wasn't that good to me. The whole pageant was just...I don't even know haha
But I'm glad Matty finally got the adoption thing out of his system and Jake found out Tamara was catfishing him.

Thanks for reading! :D

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  1. You're nicer than me Diamond, because I gave this episode a 3 borderline 2, the only thing I was happy about was the fact that Jake found out it was Tamara. I mean honestly what did she think was going to happen. He was just going to forget that you catfished him, made him believe in some imaginary girl played with his emotions made him look like a fool, was he just suppose to forget all of that and come running back into her crazy arms. Seriously what the fudge is wrong with her. I think she only wants him because she doesn't want to be a senior without a boyfriend.Or I could be basis seeing as I never like their relationship from the start.Poor Matty, I was so sad for him when he was on stage, I was like oh Matty its going to be okay eventually. Luke is eh i don't like him but I don't dislike him either, hes just there for me. Matty looking heartbroken after seeing Jenna and Luke together my first thought was run to Sadie, she'll help you forget about Jenna. My shipper heart won't let them die lol. Great Recap!

    1. You're right, I was being way too generous haha
      But I agree with pretty much everything you said! :)
      And yes, we have to keep hope for Matty and Sadie alive!